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Hello and welcome to Funny Little Boxes; an independent builder of high quality and affordable effects pedals in the fine city of Norwich, UK, and exclusive home of the best selling 1991 pedal.

Funny Little Boxes was established in 2020 as a retailer of oddball second hand effects pedals and quickly blossomed into a thriving hub of awesome effects pedals made by fantastic, small, independent UK based builders. Since then it has been my pleasure to represent the amazing works of Zander Circuitry; Bad Penny Fx; Underfluked; Chevtone; JSA Effects; Fairydance Creations; Magna Effects; Sound Lad Liverpool; Ritual Devices; Stompkins Pedals; Practical Patch; GPA Pedalboards; Marcus D'Lux Pedalboards; Demiurge Instruments and Forest Fx.

In the spring of 2021 I was challenged by Matt Webster of the Let's Play All Youtube channel to source a pedal that captured the sound of Pearl Jam's "Ten" album. Finding nothing that fit the bill I set out on a mission to build one from scratch and with some help from some very talented friends the 1991 was born and became an overnight success; selling out its original run in less than 5 minutes and going on to secure a 4.5/5 star review in both Music Radar and Total Guitar magazines.

Following this success, Funny Little Boxes has moved away from retailing second hand pedals and those of other dealers to focus solely on the production of FLB branded pedals.

Funny Little Boxes is a one man show, founded on my own principles of what makes a pedal great and what "affordability" actually means. Since day one, FLB has had a policy of not charging more than £100 for any one pedal and even with the recent need to register for VAT; it is one we are continuing to stick to as we firmly believe the creative joy that guitar pedals bring should be accessible to all, and not just those with fat wallets. 

Whilst on the subject of accessibility, you should know that I hate gear snobbery. If a pedal sounds good, then it sounds good and what's inside of it doesn't matter in the least as long as what is coming out of it is bringing noisy joy to your ears. You won't find me preaching about the virtues of, or charging hyper inflated prices for the inclusion of supposed "mojo" parts in any FLB pedal. The "mojo" factor in a pedal is the sounds that you make from it and that is where FLB's focus is clearly placed.

I want to thank you for taking the time to check out FLB and I look forward to hearing about the noisy joy you are making with your FLB pedals.

All the best