About Us

Hello and welcome to Funny Little Boxes; a small, independent store based in the fine city of Norwich and offering great quality effects pedals at great prices throughout the UK. 

We are obsessed with stomp boxes and nothing thrills us more than the creativity that can be achieved by plugging in your favourite guitar to a wacky pedal chain and crafting some totally unique sounds.

We believe that access to this creative joy should be granted to all and not just those with the biggest wallets. We HATE gear snobbery in all its forms; including inverted snobbery!

The guitar industry is worth millions and made up overwhelmingly by hobbyists, the professional contingent probably only accounting for 15% of it. At Funny Little Boxes we guarantee accessability to all by never charging more than £100 for any effects pedal. We know only too well the financial limitations many guitarists (and musicians in general) are bound by and we don't think you should be considered any less of a gear head just because you can't afford a Two Rock amplifier, a Vintage Custom Shop Fender and a row of Pete Cornish pedals in between them. If you're lucky enough to have that kind of gear and are just looking for a bargain then great, our shop is for you as much as anyone; but if you're rocking a Harley Benton into a solid state no brand amp from the 90s and want to make some awesome Sounds via some affordable pedals then we're on your side. 

On the whole the pedals we stock are second hand and in some cases you might even say "vintage", occasionally we might get something brand new through the door, in which case everyone's a winner. As some of them have a bit of history they might be showing some signs of battle wear, but everyone loves a scar or two! Any wear will be physical only, if a pedal doesn't work 100% as it should you won't see it for sale in the shop. The one thing that all the pedals we sell have in common is that they're awesome! We won't sell anything here that we wouldn't personally put on our own pedal board and go do a gig with. 

If you love guitar gear as much as we do and if you share our philosophy that music and all the cool things that come with it is for everyone and not just those with the biggest wallets then please support us by making your pedal purchases here and spread the word about us. We know how precious your hard earned money is and it means the world to us that you're considering spending it here.