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1991 Information and FAQ's

In September of 2021 Funny Little Boxes released the 1991 pedal; made in collaboration with the Let's Play All YouTube channel. It has become something of a phenomenon and there are now over 1000 1991's out in the world. Feedback from players who have bought it has been overwhelmingly positive and it has garnered a 4.5 out of 5 star review on as well as a "Best Buy Award" and 4.5 out of 5 star rating in the March 2022 edition of Total Guitar magazine.

Due to its success I receive more emails with questions regarding the 1991 than I can feasibly reply to and so have provided answers below to the most commonly asked questions in order that you can get an answer more quickly than you will by messaging me direct.


Q: How can I purchase the 1991? Whenever I try to click on the product page it tells me I don't have permission to view it.

A: As of the 19th September 2022 you will be able to purchase the 1991 directly from the site. I will make a number of 1991's available for pre-order each month from now. They will be limited in number based on my production capacity and will be first come, first served.


Q: Are the 1991's in stock and ready to ship?

A: No; you purchase the 1991 on a Pre - order basis a month in advance. For example, if you make your purchase between the 1st and 31st of October; your pedal will ship between the 1st and 30th of November. 


Q: I've seen B-stock items listed on your site but they're sold out. What's the deal with that?

A: Sometimes there are some units in the monthly batches that have minor cosmetic blemishes. They don't affect the performance of the pedal at all but with the length of time people are waiting for a 1991 it just wouldn't be right to sell them at full price. If there are any b- stock units from a monthly batch then they go up for grabs at a 10% reduction in price on the first of the following month. They're only ever in small quantities; they sell out really fast and they're non returnable and not eligible for the warranty.


Q: I've lost the info telling me when my billing and shipping period is, can you remind me?

A: Of course; there's a page detailing all the info in the "1991" menu of the website.


Q: How do I register for the 1991 warranty?

A: Complete the form in the "1991" section of the website.


Q: I play in a Pearl Jam tribute band/I have a YouTube channel doing guitar demos. Can I endorse/demo the 1991?

A: This depends on a lot of things. Look in the Marketing/Endorsements bit of the "1991" section on the website.


If this information doesn't answer your question then by all means get in touch with me:


Instagram: @Funny_Little_Boxes