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News To Beat The January Blues!

Posted by Andrew Ilgunas on

Hello lovely pedal people and a Happy New Year to you all!

So, the clock ticked over to 2021 and lo and behold... Corona Virus is still with us; we're still in lockdown and things are largely shite!.... I'm afraid there's nothing FlB can do to combat Covid-19 (aside from social distancing, staying at home apart from for essential trips etc etc etc.... You know the drill by now) however there are some pretty cool things on the horizon which might just help banish those January blues!

So without further ado.... 


OK, let's get the bad news out the way first; there's no more free shipping for orders over £80 I'm afraid. I've been taking a good look at the books and I just can't absorb it any more as I work to pretty tight margins. Hopefully you can forgive me as I'm only charging a fiver!

Second Hand Sunday Returns!

Yes it's back! And it starts today! You may have noticed that the second hand bargains section of the website has dwindled to only 1 item thanks to you all snapping up goodies with your Christmas Pennies. But don't worry as the re-stock has already begun with new second hand bargains to be announced on Sundays forthwith. Look out later today to see 2 new additions to the site.


So I've decided to add a pre order section to the site. This will list imminently arriving items to the shop from our awesome roster of UK builders. This helps you to guarantee you get your hands on what is usually limited stock and can also help me to not over/under order things. Obviously if you make a preorder there's a wait time involved; this is likely to differ for each product so once you've made your pre-purchase I will email you with an estimated dispatch date. There are going to be some pretty amazing things popping up in this section very soon so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground... Oh and like, read the rest of the article as there are some clues. 

Sound Lad Liverpool Hungry Beaver

The Beaver is coming to FLB soon people! This awesomely versatile fuzz pedal is the debut release from Sound Lad Liverpool and it absolutely rocks! If you haven't heard it yet, head on over to the FLB YouTube channel and watch Beer and a Chat Series 2 Episode 5: Be(aver) Your Own Mojo for my in depth run down on the incredible sounds this thing offers. Price £99; Look out for it in the pre-order section of the site soon!

Burford Electronics

You might remember that I recently discovered an amazing UK made line of boutique pedals going by the name of Burford Electronics, only to find that they had been discontinued. This was something I couldn't stomach as Burford offered some fantastic modulation circuits at incredible value. Thus began a personal quest to get the designer and builder, Alan Exley, to make me some of his discontinued pedals. It wasn't easy, but... Well let's just say "watch this space" yeah? And I'll reveal all soon enough ;)

JSA Effects Exclusive

Ok, this is a biggie! By now you should hopefully be familiar with the wizard like pedal building skills of the mad man with a soldering iron that is Simon Andrews, AKA JSA Effects. If not, then get on instagram and check the guy out or watch some episodes of Beer and a Chat as his incredible creations feature in a couple of them. Well, back in November Simon got in touch with me out of the blue and said he'd been working on something a bit special; really special in fact. He said it'd be a limited run thing and would I like to sell it for him. Well obviously this was a no brainer. Now, I'm going to be mean and not tell you anymore other than that it's happening, and soon. It's a strictly limited run, not to be repeated and it's incredible. If you want to register your interest in this then let me know via email ( or DM me on Instagram. Trust me, you don't want to miss it!

Alrighty then, that's all of I've got for the minute, well, I mean, there's LOADS more to come but it'll just start washing over you if I cram this with too much info; hopefully this has been enough to whet your appetite; be sure to keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground for these incredible thing coming into the shop! Don't worry, I'll make a fuss about them when they do!

Bye for now



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