Xotic Effects SL Drive Chrome Limited Edition

Xotic Effects SL Drive Chrome Limited Edition

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A tiny pedal that packs a massive punch! Don't be fooled by its diminutive stature, because the sounds from this little box are huge! The SL (super lead) Drive is a Marshall JCM800 amp in a box pedal and it delivers massive rock and roll sounds with both single coil and humbuckers. Sporting Volume, Drive and Tone controls on the top and an internal dip switch inside which allows you to set the pedal to specific Super Lead or Super Bass settings, this pedal is simple but highly effective. If it's rock n roll you want then plug into this thing and you'll get it in spades.


Controls: Volume, Drive, Tone (micro knob)

Internal dip switch

9v which can be converted to 18v by plugging into the included voltage doubler. 


This is the Chrome Limited Edition of the SL Drive so instead of the traditional black and gold facade it sports a chrome face with black lettering. The pedal's obviously seen a bit of action as theres quite a few scratches to the chrome surface and there's velcro affixed to the bottom. Other than that it's in good nick and includes one rubber control guard. Comes in its original box with manual included.