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Underfluked Little Treble Maker Treble Booster

Underfluked Little Treble Maker Treble Booster

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This funny little box really is the ultimate utility pedal! Designed around the Treble circuit on the mythical Klon Centaur; the LTM provides you with the ability to boost both your volume and your high end either separately or together. The highly sophisticated Treble boost actually cuts your Treble out before adding it back in in such a way that you retain your high end with pristine clarity while never making things shrill or piercing. It does wonderful things to dirt pedals and is the perfect companion to any analogue delay pedal as it will provide greater clarity and volume to the naturally dark repeats. This pedal is useful wherever you put it in your chain and will make every aspect of your rig sound so much better to the point you'll only turn it off once; after that it'll be in the on position forever! This really is your pedal boards new best friend!


Controls for Boost and Treble

True Bypass

9v DC Negative Power


Brand New Box Fresh!