Snarling Dogs Bloo Doo Overdrive

Snarling Dogs Bloo Doo Overdrive

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Snarling Dogs have held a cult following since the 1990s; largely credited to their bonkers variations on wah pedals which saw them combining the classic wah circuit with drive and modulation circuits with all manner of chaotic, weird and wonderful results. They also produced some wicked drive circuits; the Blue Doo being one of them. This is significantly less aggressive than you'd think from its looks and actually provides some fantastic low to mid gain tones perfect for blues players. It's incredibly juicy as a low gain boost with single coil pickups and absolutely brings the fire when the gain is cranked and a humbucker deployed. This beast is bold, big, blue and bloody brilliant!


Controls for Volume; Gain; Tone

Switches for Snarl/Bite; Tone/Bypass

9v DC negative Psu or Battery


This dog has seen a few fights as evidenced by the myriad paint chips and tiny dents. Other than that it's in great working order and howls with the best of the blues dawgs. No original box.