Ritual Devices Rainmaker Analog Vibrato

Ritual Devices Rainmaker Analog Vibrato

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At it's core, the Rainmaker is a classic amp style vibrato... All analog lushious undulation!

The Depth and Freq controls act as expected... Peaks, troughs and speed.

Tilt is a tone control affecting the modulation for thunderous bass to hail stones on glass...

Level is a powerful output volume control.

Texture is where things get interesting. Unlike most vibrato units, this allows you to dial in varying amounts of your unaffected dry signal creating a whole new palette of modulated tones, from super subtle background wobble to virtual tremolo thump...

then there's the "other" toggle switch. For those who want things that little bit slower...


  • Built and wired entirely by hand.
  • All analog.
  • True Bypass switching.
  • Acid Etched enclosure.
  • +9VDC


This is the original prototype of the Rainmaker Vibrato and as such is a complete one off. Due to the nature of it being a prototype there are some minor imperfection to the pedal, mainly physical. There is sometimes a 'pop' sound when the pedal is engaged however this is easily solved by placing the pedal in the fx loop of a pedal switcher.