RayGun Fx Soda Drive+ Bass Overdrive

RayGun Fx Soda Drive+ Bass Overdrive

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Designed for a chunky and smooth Bass distortion, with toggle switch to change between Silicon and Germanium diodes for different distortion flavours!

From a slight drive to full on distortion, this pedal is great for getting a nice bit of grit from even the cleanest of amps!
Can also be used as a Boost pedal.


3 Way Distortion mode toggle switch. Choose between:-

(LEFT) Standard Soda Drive Distortion with plenty of gain

(MIDDLE) Booster Mode – Less gain, and lots of volume!

(RIGHT) Germanium Diode – Fuzzy, smoother distortion tones

Volume, Tone and Distortion controls

Bass Distortion pedal

True Bypass.

9v DC Powered only (100mA, center negative).

Size: 60mm x 111mm x 34mm (1590B Enclosure).

Hand wired in the UK.


Brand new and box fresh.