RayGun Fx Aurora Lo-Fi Delay-Verb Mini

RayGun Fx Aurora Lo-Fi Delay-Verb Mini

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All the same features and classic lofi delay tones of the standard Aurora delay – Just a smaller enclosure!

From a short Reverb, to a Slap back Delay, to a long spaced out delays and a bunch of lofi noises in between!

For delay lovers, this freaky delay is an unusual beast, with some warm, but lofi tones.


Controls: Blend, Repeat and Speed & Delay Mode

Analogue style lofi delay

True Bypass.

9v DC Powered only (100mA, center negative).

Printed Enclosure.

Size: 60mm x 111mm x 34mm (1590B Enclosure).

Hand wired in the UK.


Brand new and box fresh!