RayGun Fx Aurora Lo-Fi Delay

RayGun Fx Aurora Lo-Fi Delay

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Designed for lovers of analogue delays, the Aurora V2 provides warm vintage delay tones, 2 delay speeds (Short-medium & long) and the new addition of the Space control, which allows you to send the delay into deeper delays or oscillating feedback using a momentary footswitch!



Mix – Updated blend control

Feedback – Amount of delay repeats

Speed – Time of the delay

Space – Tweaks the amount off the ‘Space’ sustain.



Space (momentary footswitch) – Press and hold the Space footswitch to engage almost infinite feedback, sustaining your delay until you step off the footswitch. From subtle to insane!

Speed Toggle Switch – Go between Short and Long delay speeds

Mode Toggle Switch – Go between 2 delay textures, one is more lofi!




Analogue style Lofi Delay

True Bypass.

9v DC Powered only (100mA, center negative).

Printed Enclosure.

Size: 120mm x 95mm x 38mm (1590BB Enclosure).

Hand-wired in the UK.

The internal volume control is mounted on the PCB to adjust the master volume if required.


Brand new and box fresh!