Magna Effects Cavern Beast

Magna Effects Cavern Beast

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The first pedal to be produced by this builder, we're pretty chuffed here at Funny Little Boxes to be bringing the awesome Cavern Beast Delay out of the cave and onto your pedal board! This is an awesome analogue voiced, digital delay pedal, handmade in the UK, for under £100! This puts it on the endangered species list as such things are not easy to come by. This is a dirty delay. There's no pristine, clean digital sounds here, in fact this thing is so dirty I was convinced it must be analogue! It's made even dirtier with the addition of... A dirt knob! Crank this up to get crazy volume and an almost fuzz like degradation to your repeats. Control it in tandem with the feedback control for absolutely insane oscillating, sonic lunacy! Great sounding, versatile and great fun. What's not to like.


Controls for Mix, Delay, Dirt and Feedback

9v dc negative power

Top mounted jacks


This is brand new and box fresh however there are some scuffs to the bottom of the pedal which the builder has stated happened during drilling. This in no way affects the performance of the pedal and as its his first build we can let him off I think.