Line 6 Tone Core Otto Filter Auto-Wah

Line 6 Tone Core Otto Filter Auto-Wah

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Both chunky and funky; this is the ultimate filter pedal thanks to the 3 different filter options available. Whether you're seeking classic 70's funk sounds via the lo pass filter; fixed position wah sounds from the band pass or whacked out experimental tones from the twin pass filter; this shiny pink pedal has got you covered. Responsive to picking dynamics and with plenty of tone sculpting options you can get as squelchy, pointy and funky as you like. This will also summon some extremely spaced out and quite frankly demonic sounds so pair it with a good fuzz pedal and you've got psychidelic doom delight! 


Controls for Sensitivity; Peak and Range.

9v dc negative power

Removable module 


Second hand item in immaculate condition. Comes with original box and all paperwork.