J Rockett Audio Immortal Echo

J Rockett Audio Immortal Echo

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A warm analog sounding echo with a tone control. Go from a dark echo to a warm echo by using the tone control. The Immortal was designed to be very musical and get out of the way during lead passages. A tiny blue box packed with lovely, lovely tones. What more can you want?


Mix: controls the level of delay signal within the dry signal.

Repeats: controls the desired amount of repeats from one to infinite feedback.

Time: controls the desired delay time from short slap back to long 680ms repeats.

Tone: controls the tone of the delayed notes only and not the dry signal.


Top-mounted input/output jacks.

9V DC operation with standard PSU only (- tip and + sleeve).

True Bypass.


A second hand item in fantastic condition. There's a small patch on the base where the paint has lifted from tape being removed but otherwise immaculate. Comes with original box.