Hello Sailor Effects Big Blue Bastard Distortion

Hello Sailor Effects Big Blue Bastard Distortion

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So, details on this one are scant! It's number one of only two of these circuits in existence. It's an original HSE distortion circuit and it's filth! Glorious filth! It doesn't even actually have a name, I've just christened it the Big Blue Bastard as it seems a fitting title for this obnoxiously large brute! If you're after transparent, low gain overdrive then you'll need to look elsewhere as this thing is balls to the wall rock and roll in a box!


Volume, Tone, Gain

Clipping selector toggle


Not a clue! This circuit is a real mystery, however, I have opened it up and peeked inside and can confirm that true to HSE form, this big blue beastie is packed to the rafters with top spec mojo components!


Second hand in immaculate condition!