Forest FX Ursua Silicon Fuzz

Forest FX Ursua Silicon Fuzz

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Based on the famous Dallas Arbiter BC108 Fuzz Face from the late 60's, this is our take on the classic circuit. Shrunk down into a super compact enclosure & simplified to one volume knob & a toggle switch that gives you access to 3 biasing options. We've taken the original circuit & made some improvements to meet the needs of the modern player. Rich, warm, vintage fuzz tone thanks to premium components throughout. Improved noise filtering for a lower noise floor. Dramatically reduced footprint so you can fit more pedals on your board!


One knob for volume, control gain with your guitars volume control.

The 3-way bias toggle switch allows you to choose from the stock 4.5V, gnarlier 6.3V, or spluttering dying amp style at 8V. Essentially giving you 3 fuzz pedals in one.


Pair of BC108 silicon transistors

Premium orange drop poly capacitors. These caps have a superior frequency response & make for rich & complex tone.

Panasonic electrolytic caps & high tolerance metal film resistors.

Solid core copper wire which has significantly less capacitance than typical multistrand. This eliminates high frequency loss when bypassed.

Hammond enclosure

Neutrik Jacks


Brand new and box fresh