Forest FX Onca Drive

Forest FX Onca Drive

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Onça is a class A single ended amplifier in a box, using a pair of JFET's in the place of tubes. Onça breaks up just like those classic little tube amps - there's no diodes doing any clipping here, just true organic overdrive. Super compact & simple to use, you really only need the one volume knob as you can use your guitars volume pot to clean it up & your guitars tone pot to expand Onça's EQ. Born for stacking, it's perfect for driving with other overdrives or boosters.



Hot/Cold switch - Bias the JFET sitting in the place of the power tube hot or cold. As in a tube amp, colder will give your more clean headroom, whereas biasing hotter will allow it to saturate more readily.

High pass filter switch - cut low end for extra sparkle, jangly overdrive or to push high frequencies into your amp more like a treble booster.


JFET pair providing true organic overdrive - no clipping diodes emulating overdrive like most OD pedals.

Premium orange drop poly capacitors. These caps have a superior frequency response & make for rich & complex tone.

Panasonic electrolytic caps & high tolerance metal film resistors.

Solid core copper wire which has significantly less capacitance than typical multistrand. This eliminates high frequency loss when bypassed.

Hammond enclosure

Neutrik Jacks



Brand new and box fresh