Forest FX Chacma Octave Fuzz

Forest FX Chacma Octave Fuzz

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Modern, aggressive octave up fuzz. Kind of like stuffing an angry hornets nest into a digitech whammy. Super defined & vowely octave, aggressive distortion packed full of punch.

​It has a vicious cutting edge that will make your guitar leap out of the mix with maximum filth.



One knob for volume, simple plug in & play fun in a compact mini footprint. Make use of your guitar's volume & tone controls to access a wider range of tones.


A mix of BC108 & BC109C transistors

Premium orange drop poly capacitors. These caps have a superior frequency response & make for rich & complex tone.

Panasonic electrolytic caps & high tolerance metal film resistors.

Solid core copper wire which has significantly less capacitance than typical multistrand. This eliminates high frequency loss when bypassed.

Hammond enclosure

Neutrik Jacks



Brand new and box fresh