Fairydance Creations Galaxy Drive Transparent Fuzz

Fairydance Creations Galaxy Drive Transparent Fuzz

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Transparent fuzz? I can hear you scratching your head but let me assure you it works. This is a really magnificent little box, giving sounds that are transparent like the best overdrives but undeniably fuzzy. The three controls allow you to move from a subtle fuzzy boost, through gorgeous fuzzy drive and all the way to vicious spitting madness. At all times your tone retains its clarity and even at low gain is always undeniably a fuzz sound. This really is a remarkable little box. It's hard for a drive pedal to offer something new in today's market, but this definitely manages it.


Controls for Bass, Gain and Overgain

9v DC negative power


Brand new and box fresh. This is an end of run item and discounted as such. That means you should definitely snap it up quickly!