Electro Harmonix Howitzer 15 Watt Power Amp

Electro Harmonix Howitzer 15 Watt Power Amp

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A whole amp that can fit on your pedal board? Yup! EHX have had power amps in pedal form in their line up for years but what sets the Howitzer apart is the inclusion of a preamp; offering you a 3 band eq and gain control; allowing you the option of really sculpting your tone and pushing it to break up without need for any other pedals should you not desire them. This thing sounds awesome on its own and absolutely amazing when you start thumping pedals into it. It even has an fx loop!


Controls for Volume, Treble, Mids, Bass, Gain

Toggle switch for Bright/Normal


Fx loop with Send/line out and Return

Output to 8/16 ohm speaker cabinet only

15 watt solid state 

24V DC negative Psu only (included) 


Second hand in as new condition with original box, manual and Power supply.