DOD FX64 Ice Box Stereo Chorus

DOD FX64 Ice Box Stereo Chorus

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Hailing from the much beloved and sought after Jason Lamb series of DOD pedals from the mid 90's; The Ice Box brings a plethora of gorgeous chorus sounds to your pedal board. Covering everything from deep, lush, watery, classic chorus to stacatto shimmer Vibrato sounds; this is a sought after pedal for very good reason. The real sweetener in this package is the high eq control; allowing you to fully sculpt your chorus sound via either boosting or cutting the top end for soft sparkles or sharp spindles. Add in the stereo out and this is a vintage classic that can still give the big boys of the current scene a serious run for their money.


9v Psu or battery

Controls for Level (ice) Speed (cold) Depth (deep) and Hi EQ (freeze)

Stereo out


This is a second hand item in excellent condition. Some chips to the paint work but that's to be expected for a pedal of its age. Silver sticker from the base also missing but that's a non concern. Comes with original battery cover; original box and manual.