Digitech Supernatural Ambient Verb

Digitech Supernatural Ambient Verb

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Quite simply one of the best multi-reverb pedals ever put into production, there is not a single bad sound to be found within this amazing little box. Whether you worship at the altar of Kevin Shields or Steven O'Malley, this pedal has every base you could possibly want covered. It even does a fantastic classic spring reverb sound if that's all you want (but that really would be a waste of this beautiful Creations limitless potential). These are hard to find and seriously sought after by those in the know. Snap it up now before it's gone!


reverb types: plate, plate mod, shimmer, supernova, shine, pherb, spring

controls: mix, liveliness, decay

foot switch: bypass on, with LED indicator

trails on/off (internal switch)


True Bypass

continuous high-voltage operation

inouts: left/mono, right (6.3mm mono jacks)

outputs: left/mono, right (6.3mm mono jacks)

power supply (not included): 9V battery or Digitech PS913DC power adapter

dimensions: 89 x 140 x 57 mm

weight: 0.6 kg


This is a second hand unit and is not in the prettiest physical condition. There are a lot of scratches and scuff marks as this thing has been well lived and obviously seen some serious gig action in the past. However it is in perfect working order and still solid as a rock. Comes with the original box.