Digitech HardWire SP-7 Stereo Phaser

Digitech HardWire SP-7 Stereo Phaser

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The only phaser you'll ever need! Featuring a true stereo output, onboard tap tempo time control and seven selectable phasing modes including two to ten-stage and boutique, the Digitech Hardwire SP-7 Stereo Phaser allows for a wide selection of highest quality effects all in one pedal. Constructed with the signature Hardwire chassis for years of consistent use, the SP-7 essentially provides seven phasing pedals in one and they all sound amazing! This really is a one stop modulation station.


  • True Stereo
  • Tap Tempo
  • 7 phaser modes accessible via rotary selector switch: 2stage; 4 stage; modern; boutique; 10 stage; envelope; dynamic
  • Controls for Speed; Depth and Modify
  • 9v DC negative power


This is a second hand unit in immaculate, as new condition. No original box