Danelectro Wasabi Rockabye Overdrive/Slapback Echo

Danelectro Wasabi Rockabye Overdrive/Slapback Echo

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This funny little box from one of Danelectro's most overlooked series, captures the essence and sound of vintage overdrive and slap echo effects. A tape-style slap echo effect gives you amazingly musical short slap back effects and layers it with some extra dirt reminiscent of tube amp breakup tone. Independent footswitches let you engage either the echo effect or an echo plus overdrive hybrid. The Rock-A-Bye also comes with a pickup selector switch and dual outputs for stereo. This pedal is a one stop shop for dirt and delay sounds in one affordable, futuristic looking but vintage sounding package. 


Level - Volume

Echo - Add "wobble" to the tape effect

Speed - Increase/decrease rate of echo effect

Repeat - Increase/decrease number of repeats 

Drive - Gain


Multi-Function Overdrive and Warm Echo

2nd Output Jack (Echo) for Stereo Effect

Pick-Up Selector / Input Attenuator: Allows you to match the character of your pickups with the front end of the pedal.

Housed in a heavy duty metal chassis

9v DC negative power or battery


Good used condition; does have several chips and scratches to paint work. No original box.