Danelectro Wasabi Chorus/Tremolo

Danelectro Wasabi Chorus/Tremolo

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This funny little box from one of Danelectro's most overlooked series is a creamy chorus effect and tube-amp style tremolo in one pedal. With four EQ presets and an independent Tone control knob, you can dial in a wide range of chorus effects, plus a Hard/Soft toggle lets you pick a wave for the tremolo effect. Also features a Wet/Dry mix control, a pickup selector that lets you better match your guitar setup, and a dry output jack for a stereo effect. This pedal is a one stop shop for your wibbly wobbly modulation needs.


4 EQ presets: Choose from 4 perfectly sculpted voicings (independent of tone controls)

Pick-Up Selector / Input Attenuator: Allows you to match the character of your pickups with the front end of the pedal.

 Wet/Dry Mix Control: Allows you to blend the amount of pure guitar signal mixed with the effect.

2nd Output Jack (Dry) for Stereo Effect

Hard/Soft Tremolo Wave Selector

Multi-Function Chorus and Tremolo

Housed in a heavy duty metal chassis

9v DC negative power or battery


Used in good condition. There are a number of surface scratches and some residue from where stickers have been removed. Battery cover is missing.