Danelectro Surf 'n' Turf Compressor

Danelectro Surf 'n' Turf Compressor

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This pedal has one job and knows how to do it very well indeed. Dead simple to operate with just 2 controls, this is a no frills pedal for the player who wants a quality compressor in a user friendly format. Don't let its simplicity trick you into thinking this isn't versatile though. This adds clean sparkle to your sound as well as compression and can also be used as a clean boost with the sensitivity control turned right down. Very simple, very effective, this little box of squishy, sparkly goodness is a true hidden gem of the food series of pedals.


Controls for volume and sensitivity

9v dc negative or battery power

Buffered bypass


Very good. There are some surface scratches visible at close inspection but overall a good clean example of this pedal. No original box.