Danelectro French Toast Octave Fuzz

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Possibly The jewel in the crown of the Danelectro food series, don't be fooled by the cutesy looks and name of this thing as it is an absolute filth machine! There are no "nice" sounds from this pedal, just pure octa fuzz fury! With the octave disengaged this delivers huge, gritty, dirty slab of granite to the face fuzz filth; with the octave engaged you get the sounds of an army of Terminator robots marching to war! This pedal will make a telecaster into a clean amp sound like Fear Factory's metallic apocalypse! It's just awesome!


Buffered bypass

Battery or 9v dc negative Psu power


Controls for Volume, Gain and EQ, Octave toggle switch


This is a second hand item in fantastic condition with barely a mark on it; you'd have a hard time believing this is over 20 years old based on looks. Comes with original box.