Chevtone Messiah Drive V1

Chevtone Messiah Drive V1

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Made by hand, with a lot of love right here in the UK (Solihull to be precise) this awesome purple box from Chevtone is the ultimate Marshall-in-a-box pedal. This packs some of the most gorgeous black and gold tones ever into one equally gorgeous looking purple pedal. This thing will purr like a cat or roar like a lion and always sounds absolutely awesome, whether you're dialing in classic edge of breakup sounds or pushing the gain for serious British Crunch! This is a true gem of the UK Boutique pedal scene.


Controls for Volume, Gain, Treble and Bass

Handcrafted using hand selected carbon film resistors, vintage high end Paper In Oil and Silver Mica capacitors and quality Neutrik jacks.


End of line product. This is a brand new and box fresh item.