Chevtone Honeyburst Overdrive

Chevtone Honeyburst Overdrive

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Behold the Honeyburst; no mere ordinary overdrive! This is quite frankly one of the most astoundingly good overdrives I've ever plugged into and once turned on its very, very hard to turn it off! Inspired by a certain green overdrive of legendary status this little box takes your guitars tone and does amazing things with it. In low gain settings youre getting a sprinkling of subtle, though instantly noticeable tonal magic and as you crank the gain you move gradually toward a truly rip roaring overdrive with more than enough gain for all non-extreme musical genres. Even at max gain this never gets mushy or flubby and maintains supreme transparency of tone. As well as the obligatory volume, tone and gain controls you get a toggle switch to flick between silicone and germanium clipping. Although the sonic difference is subtle, the difference in feel and response is instantly noticeable and this is a joy to play in either setting with the germanium setting bringing a real special magic and even producing a gorgeous, light fuzzy crackle on the fringes of your tone with gain maxed. This is a truly superb overdrive that deserves a spot on your board!


Controls for Volume, Tang (Gain) and Sweet (Tone) 

Toggle switch to select Silicone or Germanium clipping.

9v DC negative power only (no battery) 


This is a brand new, box fresh B-Stock item and as such is subject to minor cosmetic blemishes which in no way affect the performance. These normally retail at £145 so you are getting a massive discount for a couple of paint chips!