Bad Penny Fx Wireless Germanium Fuzz

Bad Penny Fx Wireless Germanium Fuzz

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Wireless has all the warmth and charm you would expect from a vintage fuzz pedal. Tone filtering moves the user from dark and low tones, right up to high and cutting. A combination of the input volume and fuzz control knob will either give velocity-sensitive cleans or velcro-peeling spits, taking that break-up further with the bias knob. 


Wireless is as vintage as it gets before anyone has to lose an arm and a leg. A classic unit with some additional user control of the often required: bias, and a very slight bass roll-off. It follows an mk3 TB circuit structure and so, highly responsive to input signal strength, while absolutely lighting up when stacked with some overdrive pedals. It uses three, NOS, PNP, NKT275 equivalent, germanium transistors, selected for their gain profiles, and balanced by ear with internal trim potentiometers. Although it runs on negative power, it does not require an isolated power supply due to an internal inverter. A combination of vintage PIO tone caps and transistors, and modern high stability resistors used. 


This is a second hand unit in as new condition with not a mark on it. Comes boxed with original box candy.