Bad Penny FX OlDog Germanium Fuzz

Bad Penny FX OlDog Germanium Fuzz

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At the heart of the Oldog you will find a volume sensitive germanium fuzz face style circuit, meaning that you control the amount of gain drenched fuzz with the volume knob on your guitar. This fuzz is highly sensitive to the level of your guitar signal and with the added ability to cut some low-end (using the rear switch) you can achieve a wide range of tones. The Oldog can be wooly, with the volume dialled back and the bass left thick or sharp and cutting with the bass cut engaged and volume dialled to max. Vintage components, vintage tone.


Mono 1/4" Neutrik jacks 

Vintage Philips and K40Y-9 Russian military grade capacitors

Vintage carbon resistors

22awg cloth wiring

True-bypass switching

Non-dazzling green LED

Germanium NKT275 transistors (repro)




Master - controls output volume

Rear Switch - bass cut, reduces low-end




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