Bad Penny FX Morse Fuzz

Bad Penny FX Morse Fuzz

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The Morse is the miniest version of Bad Penny's flagship Fuzz Controller pedal, with the added bonus of a toggleable dual stage boost stacked in front of it. You will take no prisoners with this ridiculously high gain silicon fuzz machine. It's got a rear switch to take you from deep, brutal fuzz into, well, basically death. I'm not even sure how we managed to get all this on to such a small board without it being SMD but we did. Internally there are a few trimmers that govern the gain and total volume of both boost stages, you should be the tinkering type. Then there is the one knob, it's a volume knob, or it's a fuzz knob, it will roll off some highs as it's reduced but trust me, with the gate switch engaged you will probably be happy about that. The rest of the shaping will be done by your guitar or whatever you stack in front of it.


Mono 1/4" Neutrik jacks 

High-quality finger switch, footswitch and potentiometer

22awg cloth wiring

True-bypass switching

Non-dazzling orange LED



Master - controls output volume

Rear Switch - gate switch, stacks a dual stage booster in front of the fuzz circuit



Use only with a 9v centre negative power supply, any other power voltage could lead to frying your unit. 

Requires isolated or independent power supply