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Bad Penny FX Little Box Custom Blue Edition

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The Littlebox is deceptive by its very name. Packed into one of the smallest Badpennyfx custom enclosures is anything but a little sound. This is a high gain silicon fuzz with bags of punch. Transistors in the range of 32k Hfe! The Littlebox does not sport any volume sucking tone controls to it’s main signal path, allowing as much of your guitars original tone to remain but, does have a Bass Cut (and boost) switch to remove some of the lower mud (if that’s your thing) while retaining all, or more, of the original volume. This cut and boost is positioned pre fuzz to drive that transistor ever harder. Externally you have control of your master volume and input voltage of your unit, referred to as the Starve control. Internally there is a triplet of trimmer controls for all those technical gear heads. Open the back plate up to find trimmers to control (from right to left), fuzz input volume, boost gain and boost volume, the more you roll back the volume on the boost section, the more treble will also be removed. This pedal was a unique collaboration between Funny Little Boxes and BadpennyFX which sold out in 2020. This custom blue version is a one of one resurrection of the Little Box to celebrate FLB's first Birthday. It will be the last Little Box ever to be made so don't miss out on your chance to own the final example of one of the coolest pedals on the UK boutique scene.

1/4” Mono Neutrik Jack sockets

High gain transistor fuzz

Vintage 22AWG waxed cloth wire

High quality potentiometers, finger and footswitches

Non-dazzling on indicator LED

Handmade aluminium and English Ash enclosure

Internal faraday shielding

Power smoothing


Engage Footswitch

Starve knob

Master Volume knob

Bass cut (and boost) switch


These transistors are rated for 9v centre negative power only and will blow if you input anything higher.