Bad Penny FX Flow Dynamic Boost

Bad Penny FX Flow Dynamic Boost

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The Flow offers a single channel of boosting potential, with the ability to increase your guitar volume three-fold. While your singal will remain relatively colourless, this boost circuit will introduce light, vintage saturation to your tone when the master control is dialled above three-quarters, without ever pushing into the realms of "crunch" or "drive". The additional control to the rear of the pedal will toggle between input capacitors, one capacitor is large enough to allow all of the natural warmth of your original guitar singal, the second will reduce a portion of the low frequenices, producing a brighter, more excited tone. All housed in an Ash hardwood and aluminium enclosure.


Mono 1/4" Neutrik jacks 

Vintage Mullard Tropical Fish output capacitor

Vintage carbon resistors

22awg cloth wiring

True-bypass switching

Non-dazzling orange LED

Tagboard architecture 




Master - controls output volume

Rear Switch - bass cut, reduces low-end




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