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Underfluked Fuzr Fuzz

Underfluked Fuzr Fuzz

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Built on the principle of creating a silicone fuzz with the responsiveness of a germanium one, this fuzzy little friend is one hell of a lot of fun! Sporting a secret weapon in the form of its bias control, the Fuzr can achieve everything from dead battery bass synth sounds; overloaded high end spitting as well as huge, warm rifftastic classic fuzz. What really sets it apart from other silicone fuzz pedals is the way you can roll back your guitars volume and achieve a beautiful, Sparkly, slightly Overdriven classic clean tone; just as you would with a vintage germanium fuzz. The bias control also means you can keep your output consistent if switching between humbuckers and single coils, making this a one stop dirt shop!


Controls for Volume, Fuzz and Bias

True bypass

9v DC negative power


Brand new and box fresh!