Devi Ever:Cymru Dark Boost

Devi Ever:Cymru Dark Boost

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The boost pedal is nothing new and the market is flooded with them; this one however sets itself apart from the herd both in its function and its awesome tonefulness. Boosting your low-end frequencies as opposed to your treble or mids; the means by which this beauty can colour your tone are myriad. Add fatness and warmth to dry, brittle amp tones; push a bass amp to glorious break up; add extra heft to dirty riffs; turn wiry tones muscular and best of all, smash it into the back of an already crazy dirty fuzz or distortion pedal and marvel at how it pushes the filth to the max whilst also adding definition and clarity so you don't get lost in the mix. A truly unique boost pedal that sounds incredible and has looks to match its tone!


Controls for Volume and Texture 

9V DC Negative Power

True Bypass


This is a second hand unit in immaculate condition. Does not come with original box but will be packaged in a Funny Little Boxes branded box.