Demiurge Instruments Epidemius Pre-amp

Demiurge Instruments Epidemius Pre-amp

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Demiurge's take on the legendary Okko Dominator; one of the finest high gain pedals ever produced. The Epidemius will cover the whole gamut of high gain needs; starting at classic British crunch sounds, moving through classic metal to full boar, screaming modern metal tones. Be it NWOBHM; doom, sludge, death, black or anything in between, the Epidemius has your high gain metal needs covered.


Controls for Treble; Mids; Bass; Level; Midrange and Gain

True bypass

Power with 9V DC negative psu only


Brand new and box fresh. There are two Epidemius pre amps in stock with slightly different knobs on each; both are pictured. The circuits are exactly the same and the differences entirely cosmetic. If you have a preference for which type of knobs you would like then please email me after purchase.