Sound Lad Liverpool Hungry Beaver Fuzz

Sound Lad Liverpool Hungry Beaver Fuzz

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One of the most exciting releases of 2020 is now coming to Funny Little Boxes! This is a fuzz pedal that can find a place on ANY board due to the incredible versatility in the range of fuzz sounds it offers. Classic fuzz tones; crazy glitchy madness; huge sustain; starved voltage synth sounds and a whole heap more! It dooms, it Gilmours, it rocks and it rolls! Whatever you play and whether you're a beginner or a pro, this pedal offers you amazing tone at a spectacular price point!


Soundlad Liverpool original design, this is not a clone

Designed, hand wired, and assembled in Liverpool, UK

Camden Boss Enclosure - drilled and screen printed by Camden Boss

Off board Input and Output Lumberg Jacks

Off board DC Jack

Off board True Bypass Switching

Alpha Potentiometers

High Quality SMD and through hole components

Fully CE and RoHS compliant

Runs on 9v Center Negative (Boss style) power supply

Current Draw: 4mA


Meat/ Gravy: Separately voiced stacked gain controls. Roughly speaking, "Meat" is thick and chunky like a modern "Russian/New York" sound whereas "Gravy" is less so with more mids, like a classic 70's "Purple Ram" sound.

Mids/Tone: Work in conjunction to adjust Treble/Mids/Bass response. The "Tone" control adjusts treble and bass frequencies while shifting the mid scoop position for matching to different amplifiers. The "Mids" control adjusts the depth of the mids from full mid scoop to no mid scoop, sorting out those "in the mix" problems once and for all.

Starve: Starves parts of the circuit of voltage and current to produce a huge range of sounds from full on chunky muffler type sounds to velcro fuzz, gated synth sounds, and raucous nastiness. The interplay between this control and the "Meat" and "Gravy" control is the real heart of this pedal.

Volume: This dial comes with a warning (and an exclamation point!) for good reason. The Hungry Beaver is the loudest pedal you will ever play. With over 30dB of boost at full tilt, the Hungry Beaver starts where all other pedals end. This is not marketing fluff, at volume zero and no "Starve" it's about loud as most other pedals are at full volume. Treat it like you would a Master of the Ranges or a XYZFX Super HO or any other "Boost" pedal. Make your amp dirty-ish..."edge of breakup" type stuff, set the volume on the pedal to zero and then you're off.


Brand new and box fresh


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