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JSA Effects FLB Breaker Overdrive

JSA Effects FLB Breaker Overdrive

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The JSA FET Breaker is back! But in a new format exclusive to FLB featuring a bass control and clipping selector for extra tonal tweaking. The FLB Breaker is the Blues Breaker circuit taken to its logical conclusion and is absolutely spectacular! The last FET Breaker I had in stock was bought by none other than Markus Reeves of Reeves Elektro fame and if that's not a ringing endorsement of how good this pedal is then I don't know what is!


Level; Gain; Tone; Body (Bass)

Clipping selector switch:

Up- Symmetrical

Middle - None

Down - Asymmetrical


True bypass

9v DC negative power only

Internal charge pump runs voltage internally at 27v


Brand new, box fresh and a one off!