MM Effects Mini Fuzz V2

MM Effects Mini Fuzz V2

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Tiny in size but absolutely huge in sonic terms! These miniscule little fuzz machines give you all the fuzzy goodness you require whilst taking up a negligible amount of space on your pedal board. Giving you a classic silicone fuzz circuit, the secret weapon of this little gem is its Sag control, which allows you to starve or feed the voltage provided to the pedal, giving you access to everything from dead battery drones, to ripping velcro tones! This is a whole load of tone packed into one fuzzy little footprint!


Controls for Volume, Tone and Sag

Sag indicator LED let's you see at a glance how much voltage is pumping through the pedal (ranges from 0-17v)

True bypass switching

Standard 9v DC Centre negative power


These are brand new and box fresh B stock items; as such they sport minor cosmetic blemishes which in no way impair their performance.